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Change Agent

Hi, I’m Tony Banta

And I’m the Client Whisperer™. I’ve spend over a decade leading multiple 6 and 7-figure client businesses and I’ve learned that success in a client business comes down to one thing. Leadership.

My team and I are hard at work producing this show and other complimentary resources to help you lead your clients to incredible results.

Recent Episodes

#033: How to Lead Clients

#033: How to Lead Clients

#033: How to Lead Clients
What to Say Wednesday

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For the first time ever, we’re launching a course designed to help you lead your clients to incredible results. We call it Legendary Client Leaders™ and we’re sharing the 5 documents (and a few bonus ones too) that script the exact ways you need to lead clients so they take responsibility, show up feeling empowered, and so YOU feel like the expert leader you know you could be.

Learn more, and get an exclusive discount for the first 10 clients:

Show Resources:

#032: Redefining Health with Belldon Colme

#032: Redefining Health with Belldon Colme

#032: Redefining Health with Belldon Colme

00:00 / 00:44:43

Belldon Colme is a metabolic cellular biologist, best-selling author, speaker and coach who focuses on balancing body chemistry to help clients reclaim youthful energy, lose weight and achieve optimal wellness goals. Belldon is the founder of the wildly successful Nutritional Fitness™ program.

#031: Managing Risk with Dan Nicholson

#031: Managing Risk with Dan Nicholson

#031: Managing Risk with Dan Nicholson

00:00 / 00:42:28

Besides being a remarkable resource on business & financial strategy, Dan is offering a free resource to help business owners and employers maximize the funds they can get from the US Federal Government’s stimulus and relief programs. Dan is kind enough to give this resource away for free to our audience. Go to to access these complimentary resources.

Weekly Episodes

Lead Your Clients. Scale Your Business.

What do you say when a client says “I want a refund”?

Or what about “This is just too hard”?

Tune into What to Say Wednesdays™ or send in your client conundrum and we might just feature it in a future episode.




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First Principles

Effectiveness Before Efficiency

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” –Peter Drucker

In the fast paced world of online marketing it is easy to focus on optimizing funnels, and scaling vanity metrics. But are we being effective? Are we effectively transforming our client’s? Which ones? When don’t our methods work? Before we scale, these are critical questions to ensure we’re building on a foundation of success.