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We’d love for you to join us on The Client Whisperer™ Show.

Our goal with the show is to highlight the leadership, systems, and mindset necessary to lead clients to incredible results. A really cool thing happens when our listeners and clients increase client success: clients stay longer, they spend more, and business grows. A rising tide lifts all boats.

You’ve arrived at this page because we think you have something special to share with our audience. Some things you can expect from our time together are:

  • A platform to highlight your brilliance
  • Honesty-provoking questions to get at your story
  • Complete intolerance to BS or fluff

A rising tide lifts all boats.

John F. Kennedy

Want to be part of our rising tide?

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If questions come up, email us at so our team can answer your questions. Either way, we’ll send you an email confirming the time and with the connection information for the interview. We’ll also send over a calendar invitation so it’s blocked out on your calendar.

Let’s go!

Recent Episodes

#033: How to Lead Clients

#033: How to Lead Clients

For the first time ever, we’re launching a course designed to help you lead your clients to incredible results. We call it Legendary Client Leaders™ and we’re sharing the 5 documents (and a few bonus ones too) that script the exact ways you need to lead clients so...

#032: Redefining Health with Belldon Colme

#032: Redefining Health with Belldon Colme

Belldon Colme is a metabolic cellular biologist, best-selling author, speaker and coach who focuses on balancing body chemistry to help clients reclaim youthful energy, lose weight and achieve optimal wellness goals. Belldon is the founder of the wildly successful...

#031: Managing Risk with Dan Nicholson

#031: Managing Risk with Dan Nicholson

Besides being a remarkable resource on business & financial strategy, Dan is offering a free resource to help business owners and employers maximize the funds they can get from the US Federal Government’s stimulus and relief programs. Dan is kind enough to give...

#030: “I Need To Leave Because of this Coronavirus Stuff”

#030: “I Need To Leave Because of this Coronavirus Stuff”

What do you say when your client says “I need to leave (or pause) because of this coronavirus stuff.” This has been an incredibly challenging time for so many people worldwide. And it has never been more important for leaders (and especially client leaders) to step up...