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Ep. 0 – Welcome to The Client Whisperer™ Show

We're so excited to announce that the best podcast for client-business owners, coaches, consultants and service providers is launching very soon.! In this episode, we're testing the pipes and announcing that our show will launch on December 3rd with new episodes...

Welcome Venture Baby

Welcome Venture Baby

We originally planned to launch late October. But Suzanne & I were surprised by the early arrival of our daughter, Magnolia Rose. Shes Client #1 - so our new podcast had to take a backseat. We're launching on December 3rd with new episodes coming every Tuesday...

Coming Soon: The Client Whisperer™ Show

Coming Soon: The Client Whisperer™ Show

Ever wondered what to say when a client is clearly lying to you?What about when you give them tons of extra service and they request a refund?Have you ever lost money on a client project? Or spent so much time you actually, literally, don't want another client ever...