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Tony Banta

Effectiveness Before Efficiency – Ep. 028
Full Show Notes

There are lots of systems consultants who can help you get efficient. We have some good friends we recommend for this all the time.

Renowned business consultant, Peter Drucker once said: “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently what should not be done at all.”

If your program isn’t effective at creating value for clients it doesn’t matter how efficient you are. 

This is the problem with most systems. Most people systematize what they’ve always done. Or they systematize what they think should be done. Rather than starting first with effectiveness. 

In this episode of The Client Whisperer™ Show, Tony digs into the questions smart leaders ask themselves when they’re thinking of systematizing anything.

What absolutely has to happen for your client to get results?

Where do they run into friction in your process and need support?

How can they get over those issues so they can continue to get results?

Production for this episode is made possible by The Client Success System® For more information on the client fulfillment audits and to speak to one of our consultants, go to

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